How Old Do You Have to Be to Participate?

Wily Mo Baseball Academy trains players who are at least 10 years old.

What Exactly Will My Children Be Doing Each Day?

They will receive full training just like it is the first day of MLB Spring Training.

What are the chances that my child will sign a major league contract?

A Main Goal of Wily Mo Baseball Academy is to have Every Player on a Scout's Radar. Obviously, there are MANY things that factor into a player signing a contract of any kind. What we can promise is that your skills will improve after spending time with Wily Mo and learning from the the experience and knowledge that he has received from some of the best trainers around the world.  

How much time will Wily Mo spend with my child?

Wily Mo is scheduled to be onsite every day start to finish and will spend as much time as possible with each child to help them progress.

What Equipment does my child need to bring?

Please bring your own hats, bats, gloves and cleats.

What clothes should my child wear on first day?

We highly suggest that you dress for the weather. Shorts are fine. Big Papi shirts are not allowed.

Does Wily Mo Training Academy provide water for the players?

Yes. Please make sure to send lunch, snacks, other beverages, etc that your child may want or need throughout the day.